The event

Race, festival, summer cinema, live music, a food caravan and many smiles

The mountain biking race will take place on a mass start on two routes – short and long. The short route has a length of 37 kilometers and a total climb of 1274 meters. The long route has a length of 47 km and a climb of 1781 m.

The trail running will be individual and relay in teams of two competitors. Teams and individual runners start together on the 37 kilometer route. The relay transmission for teams will happen in the middle of the route.

A camp camp will be organized at the event venue with a fun program for competitors and guests. Everyone will be able to enjoy a music scene with performers, a food caravan, draft beer and various activities


A remarkable race in the outskirts of the Balkan mountain



Our “short” route has above 1200 meters climbing which competitors have to overcome in 37 km. The route passes almost entirely along a dirt road.

The track includes steep climbs and enjoyable downhill runs. It is suitable for cyclists of all levels.

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The long route has almost 1200 meters of climbing. Its highest point reaches 1118 meters and presents an awesome view of the Bulgarian Rose valley.

The track includes serious climbs and challenging downhill runs. It is suitable for advanced mtb cyclists.

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Relay Run

Our “short” route has above 1200 meters climbing which competitors have to overcome in 37 km. The route passes almost entirely along a dirt road.

The relay transmission is set in the middle of the route. Transport to and from the transmission point will be available.

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Individual Run

Our “short” route has above 1200 meters climbing which competitors have to overcome in 37 km. The route passes almost entirely along a dirt road.

Several support/aid points will be available for competitors along the route with foods and drinks.

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Стартов пакет

Какво получаваш срещу своята такса за участие

Медицинска застраховка

Застраховка за деня на състезанието (повечето планински застраховки не включват участие в състезание. Ние ще се погрижим за това)


5% от цената на твоя билет ще отидат в помощ на каузата на Фондация „Ела и ти“ в подкрепа на хората в неравностойно положение.

Стартов пакет

Храни и напитки от нашите спонсори, заедно с бъф (кърпа за глава) от нас, светлоотразителна лента и други подаръци.

Подкрепителни пунктове

Подкрепителни пунктове по трасето, които са изцяло на твое разположение с храни и напитки.


Медицински екип, който се грижа за твоята безопасност по трасето и на старт-финала.

Фестивална част

Фестивал с жива музика, конна езда, стрелба с лък, въздушна йога, хамачна градина, разположен на старт-финала.

“Много добра организация, готина атмосфера, яки хора и весели моменти по трасето! Eдно от любимите ми състезания вече трета година.”

Манол Донев

“Браво много добра организация и чудесно състезание”

Недялко Енчев

“Уникално състезанйе. Бегачи, колоездачи, евала. Добре маркирано трасе, контроли, маршали и пунктове. Специално да кажа, че тези който караха и бягаха късото, изтърваха пункта с бирата.”

Георги Бояджиев

“Много добре беше организирано, очаквам догодина отново да се проведе и да сме съпричастни със събитието.”

Тодор Недев

Within each of the two routes there is a main aid/support point where competitors can enjoy food and drinks. Several smaller food and drink points are also located along the route. There are also places with available drinking water along the route.


We offer 5 million star hotel under the sky

Traditionally, the competition takes place on one of the first weekends of May, and the event actually starts on Friday evening with a summer cinema. On Saturdays throughout the day there are various outdoor activities: hammocks, yoga, horse riding and more. They are all freely accessible and are designed for anyone who wants to spend their free time effectively. On Saturday night beer is poured out of the caravan located near our camp and our scene will be the venue for various performers through the evening. The race takes place on Sunday where competitors and guests can enjoy various activities throughout the day.

Camping Site

Besides the opportunities offered by the town of Kazanlak, a tent camp will be organized in venue of the competition. All contestants and guests are invited to join it.

Running water and toilet

There is a running drinking water and a toilet in the vicinity of the camp.

ул. „Генерал Радецки“ 80, 6100 Парк Тюлбето, Казанлък